Turned Edge

  • Customized options meet a variety of needs.
  • Eurohinge or creased spine option creates an enhanced product.
  • Film lamination adds strength and texture.
  • Available in strong and sturdy book cloth or Lithowrap printed sheets.


  • Features versatile material with many color options.
  • Embedment binder delivers economical alternative using printed sheets under clear vinyl.
  • Available in silk screening, foil stamping or 4-color-process.


  • Lightweight plastic material offers ease and convenience.
  • Maintains shape and color in hot or cold temperatures.
  • Durability makes it ideal for the workplace.
  • Available in a variety of colors.

Spring Thesis

  • Ideal for academic papers, legal documents, stamp collections and other important materials.
  • Sheets easily inserted or removed by bending cover back.
  • Eliminates need for punched holes.
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