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Custom Printed Plastic Envelopes

Our Custom Printed Plastic Envelopes are of the highest quality at affordable prices.

Our customer service department will be happy to explain the many options available as well as answer any questions you may have. Contact or call us for immediate service or for any questions regarding our products.

Find a lower price? We will beat it by 10%!

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Types of Custom Printed Plastic Envelopes

Snap Envelopes
Our snap envelopes are light ribbed translucent poly with a snap closure. The result: A professional look and feel to showcase your literature. Customize them with your company logo!

Premium Snap Envelopes
To make even more of a statement, our premium-version snap envelopes are made of thicker poly material with a satin finish and metallic snap for extra secure closure. What’s more, you’ll find them available in 10 great colors!

String-Tie w/ Gusset Envelopes
Our translucent poly resists water, stains and tears. A flap with string-tie closure gives it a retro look – and it fits in a file drawer!

Velcro Envelopes w/ Gusset
Our top-selling envelope gets a great update. Available in a variety of translucent colors with the same 1 1/8” gusset, its Velcro closure is easier for seniors and children to open.

What makes our products unique?

  • Our items feature a modern color palette with varying degrees of translucency; from opaque to clear. Our vivid contemporary items have a look and feel you simply don’t get from typical paper, vinyl or plastic items in the marketplace.
  • Our products have a higher value rating among end users when compared to similar paper, vinyl or plastic items. Union Group means quality!
  • Our stationary items will be used and re-used by recipients long after similar paper or vinyl advertising specialties have been discarded. Your logo or message is viewed again and again. Repeat impressions; incredible customer value!

Contact or call us for immediate service or for any questions regarding our products.